Packages and pricing

All our packages are always customized to each case, as pricing is affected by e.g. location and work required, as well as possible added services. Below are prices for our most common packages, which we can use as a base for a specific solution. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us and let's build one together. Added services will be priced on a later date.

Note! All prices are without VAT. We reserve the right for price changes.

Package 1 - "Combatant" - Play with your team mates - 1200€ - Contact us

Our foundation package, a tested trough set where you can involve your team during or after a work day.

  • Full LAN package: Game stations with accessories ready to go
  • Duration 4 hours, of which about 3,5 hours of gaming
  • Suitable for 10 - 20 players
  • Includes game introduction to game(s)

Package 2 - "Terminator" - Get ready to rumble - 2800€ - Contact us

When you need a more serious session with your colleagues or even a small tournament, this package works as a solid set for the whole day!

  • Full LAN package: Game stations with accessories ready to go
  • Duration 8 hours, of which about 7 hours of gaming
  • Suitable for 10 - 30 players and tournaments
  • li>Includes game introduction and coatching for teams

Package 3 - "Scout" - Light and nimble - 400€ - Contact us

Suitable for a small crew or e.g. a short client session.

  • Small LAN package: 2-4 game stations with accessories ready to go
  • Duration 2 hours, of which 1,5 hours of gaming
  • Suitable for 2 - 8 players, depending on game
  • Includes game introduction, coaching not included

Package 4 - "Da LAN" - Tournament over several days - ??? - Contact us

When you want to setup an proper event. Fitted to need to guarantee best experience for everyone attending.

  • Suitable for a tournament between teams or even companies
  • Real LAN feeling without the hassle
  • All services included

Event walkthrough

This is a generic example of our event and it should help you get an understanding of all that is included. All events are customized per customer and there are no two events alike!

Before the event we make sure that you have a suitable space for the event (we can also look for one, if this is not the case!). Confirming games and helping prepare for them so that everything is ready when the time comes. We arrive before the event, setup everything and test setup to ensure a smooth start.

Events always start with an introduction:

  • Introduction to event and flow
  • Introduction to games
  • Forming teams
  • Coaching as agreed

During the event we work to help and support players, keep statistics and guide the flow of event. At the end, if agreed, we'll give out awards and highlight best performances. We can also stream the event and do casting as well.

After the event we'll pack up and leave an excellent experience while waiting for the next time. We can also deliver a summary of games and video material from the event if agreed.

Don't be shy and get in touch, we'd love to tell you more about our events!

- Teamplay