Terms of use and privacy

Teamplay's site contains content. Below is a short description of it's copyrights and privacy related to data we collect about the usage of our site.

Site contents

Teamplay owns it's site and contents, unless mentioned otherwise (like e.g. partner logos). We wish that our site is referred if any material is mentioned elsewhere. Play fair on all fronts.

Logo of Jimm's and any other sponsor is copyrighted by their owners and used with their permission.

Twitter and other social media services and their feeds have their own copyrights.

Collected data and processing data

Be default we collect data about site usage for us to use in marketing and social media. We would like to collect this data about the usage of our site and use it to asses material we produce, see how the site works and imporve it and to support business decisions. We sometimes also want collect data to make online advertising possible. We do not collect any personal data from our site, as they are irrelevant to what we do. From contact requests we keep records to handle customer relations.

Services we use on our site use cookies as a part of their functionality. You do not however need to allow cookies and our site works fine without them. We also respect your "Do Not Track" settings provided by your browser and you can opt-out of any such tools by enabling that setting. You are currently not being tracked, as JavaScript has failed to run.

If you want to check or change your selections, click here.

How to enable the "Do Not Track"-setting depends on your browser. Most popular ones listed below:

Cookies we use

  • "spookedUser" - Mandatory/Functionality - Cookie concent notification cookie - Ironically tells us if you given concent or not - Set for a year
  • "spookedUserPrefs" - Mandatory/Functionality - Marketing settings cookie - Tells us if you allow us to use marketing cookies - Set for a year
  • "_ga" - Marketing - Google Analytics anonymous visitor cookie - Enables us to see your browser across different session in Google Analytics - Set for two years
  • "_gid" - Marketing - Google Analytics session cookie - Used to keep a session (30 minutes of last activity) for Google Analytics - Set for 30 minutes from last interaction
  • "_gat_UA-114310410-1" - Marketing - Google Analytics account identification - Google Analytics cookie for data send rate limiting - Set for 1 minute
You can also read more on Google's site, we only use the ones listed above.

Do note: Usage of site generates server logs for us to able to verify quality of service as well as to detect suspicious activity. This data is not exported nor used in marketing.

- Teamplay

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