Teamplay offers esports as an experience service to companies and organizations

esports is a form of sports that has risen significantly world wide in last few years. It most often uses a computer as a medium to connect players online. esports has also made itself know in Finland, even though top class players and champions is something we'd had for a while now. Tournaments worth millions of euros and teh second most popular form of sports among young men (after hockey) in Finland tells a story of rising to the public in our country.

Teamplay offers esports as en experience service, bringing the experience of participating to companies and organizations. We organize an event in true esports spirits, but so that you don't need have experience to enjoy. We develop our offering and way of working constantly, so now is a good time to get involved and tell us what you need!

The team that makes Teamplay consists of active esport hobbyists, that see the future of the sports bright and want to be involved in progressing it in Finland. We've started working with events publicly on and will be happy to discuss details. Get in contact.

- Teamplay